1. En lista av böcker som jag jobbar på eller redan säljer!

1.1. Skönliteratur

  • The Observant programmer This book shows what you can do to piss off the police with surveillance.
  • Backyard Murders A sorted story of long brewing resentment.
  • The First Colony Arriving on the first Torus colony, the place seems overwhelming.

1.2. Faktaböcker

  • A primer for shapes Mainly for understanding CAD from the ground up.
  • Learn Linux admin by examples Administer your own machine to make sure you know the basics of Linux administration.
  • Make and test your product or service. This book will be a collection of experiences of me stumbling through the process of getting to market.
  • Keeping your own data when migrating between devices. This is a run through of issues that has arisen while swapping distributions. All of this should be applicable no matter from where and to where you migrate.
  • Learn Machine learning by examples. In this book we build small machine learning projects to show how you go from novice to a real system.
  • NixOS - the pros and cons. Should you even consider changing to this distribution?
  • Guix - embracing the GNU Inspired by Nix without inventing its own configuration language.

Author: Mats Tage Axelsson

Created: 2023-08-13 Sun 18:35